What’s up guys? 
We’re back at work, writing the new album.. This is day two of writing, we’re finishing the 4th song maybe we’ll be done in the end of the day.

There’s Dave on the piano writing some strange stuff that is totally AWESOME! Vito at the guitar that is doing some kick ass breakdowns and woooh! We’re super exited.

We’ll give you more daily updates this week!




Hey guys! Adam here!

We’re in our practice room working really hard on the new record “The Dream Hunters”. We’ve wrote 4 new kick ass songs for this new album and still here writing, writing, writing. 

We’ll also start pre-producing later this week and start filming some studio updates for you all <3

Can’t really wait to let you hear our new stuff.
We’re pretty sure you’re gonna have a Crush! on it!


The reason why we fucking love our fans! #purelove @hanaroad_2015

The reason why we fucking love our fans! #purelove @hanaroad_2015

EN: We’re so glad to announce that we’re officially writing our second full-length album!
It will be called “The Dream Hunters” and we’ll give you a first taste this summer with the release of the first single “Snowfall Tragedy”.

Each of us is a “Dream Hunter, a person who fight and sacrifices himself to realize his projects. This album, that is being written in a very difficult moment, will be a hymn, a tribute, to all the people out there that never stop to follow their dreams.

This new album will sign the start of a new chapter of our lives, a chapter full of emotions, sacrifices and obstacles, but we’re sure in good or bad will bring us lots of satisfactions.

We would like to thank, all the amazing people who have supported and helped us growing. 
Thank you so much!

IT: Con immenso piacere siamo lieti di comunicare che il nostro secondo full-length album è ufficialmente in fase di scrittura.
Si intitolerà “The Dream Hunters” e il primo assaggio ve lo daremo questa estate con l’uscita del primo pezzo “Snowfall Tragedy”.

Ognuno di noi è un “Dream Hunter”, una persona che si batte e si sacrifica per vedere realizzati i propri progetti. Questo album, date le innumerevoli difficoltà tra le quali sta nascendo, sará un inno, un omaggio, a tutte le persone che non smettono mai di inseguire i propri sogni.

Questo album segnerà l’inizio di un nuovo capitolo delle nostre vite, un capitolo ricco di emozioni, sacrifici, ostacoli ma che sicuramente nel bene o nel male ci porterà tante soddisfazioni.

Ancora una volta vogliamo ringraziare tutte quelle persone che negli anni ci hanno sostenuto e ci hanno aiutato a crescere. Grazie a tutti!

#newalbum #crush2013 @dadocrush

#newalbum #crush2013 @dadocrush

@dadocrush and @nikicrock  working hard in our practice room

@dadocrush and @nikicrock working hard in our practice room